3 Ways to Boost a Facebook Post Organically

By Sarah Giometti | Facebook

Apr 16

Facebook Boost

Have you ever paid to boost a post on Facebook? If you have, you probably know that boosting a post is a great way to get more exposure for your brand, promote a special offer or event, or attract more likes and interaction. Whether you’ve paid to boost your posts or not, however, it’s easy to see the appeal. Unfortunately, boosting a post isn’t always a cost-effective choice. Maybe you simply don’t have the wiggle room in the marketing budget. Maybe you aren’t seeing the ROI you had hoped for. Many companies see these barriers as reasons to simply give up.

Luckily, there is another option. Instead of simply giving up on the benefits of boosting a Facebook post, you can use some simple tactics to boost your Facebook post’s reach without paying. The following three strategies are simple ways to powerfully boost a Facebook post organically.



  • Time your posts carefully. The simplest way to boost a Facebook post organically is just to post it at a peak time for Facebook use. Exactly what time is best will depend on your particular fanbase, but it’s not hard to figure out when your fans are checking out Facebook, because your analytics built into the Facebook page gives you that information directly. The more traffic, the more organic views you get, as well as the easier it is to build momentum. In general, this will require posting in the evening and on weekends, but it’s worth the extra traffic.
  • Create a post that demands interaction. The best Facebook posts solicit a response in the comments. Maybe your post asks a question or for an opinion. Maybe it’s structured as a poll with one response needing a like and another needing a comment. Because your loyal fans are likely to respond with the requested likes and comments, you’ll easily gain more organic views, as momentum and interaction on a post raise its importance in the newsfeed algorithm. When you design a post for interaction, it gets a natural boost—assuming the content is engaging enough to make your fans care enough to respond.
  • Use email marketing, events, giveaways, and webinars to increase your Facebook post’s reach. Connecting your Facebook posts to other interactive marketing avenues is another great way to get momentum on a post—and the accompanying boost in views. Using two mediums together connects people who are already engaged and directs them straight to your post. The giveaway strategy, for example, is a popular one. If you send an email about a contest or prize giveaway that can only be entered by commenting on a certain picture, you’ll be flooded with activity on that post. Not only does it add value, it also continues to boost your influence. It doesn’t always have to be incentivized by something so obvious either. Simply using a Facebook post as the discussion board for a webinar, a Q&A submission method for an event, or even simply as a way to access content referenced in an email brings more traffic to your posts and builds momentum through something you already needed. Not only do you expose fans to your post, you expose them to the event or webinar, which may even make your offer more appealing next time.



Any of these methods will gain your Facebook post traction without paying a cent for advertising, which makes the returns infinite. Just a few small changes in the way you create posts can go a long way.

Of course, no matter how much effort you put into boosting your Facebook posts, it will be in vain if you don’t have high quality content there to begin with. Your posts must be independently interesting and engaging, not to mention worth spending time on. If you’re not sure what kind of content your audience will be able to identify with, we’d be happy to help you figure out the right content marketing strategy for your needs.


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