5 Benefits of Adding Embedded Reviews to Your Website

By Sarah Giometti | Local Marketing

May 17
5 Benefits of Adding Embedded Reviews to Your Website

Around 79% of customers say they have just as much trust in online reviews as they do personal recommendations from peers.

The power of a good review cannot be understated. Potential customers will often check a review section for a brand and company to get a better idea of the quality of their products and services before they commit to anything.

And if they like what they read, they are more inclined to convert. So if you’re looking to embed reviews to your website, here are 5 great ways this move and help you drive more sales:

1. It Builds Trust

New potential customers may need a bit more time to trust a brand with their money. Reviews are a great way to build trust without trying to convince them yourself.

Instead, you allow your other customers to do your convincing for you. If you carefully choose the review to support the product or service page, it can help new customers get to know you better.

2. It Increases Engagement

Since people do check reviews, having them on your site increases the time people spend on it, which is a great way to support your SEO efforts as well. When search engines see users are spending lots of time and engagement with your site, your ranking can also grow as a result, since your content is deemed relevant.

3. It’s a Great Way to Add Fresh Content

Content is king, but constantly producing fresh content is a huge task for small and medium businesses. But through reviews, you can add new and fresh content to your site in just a few seconds, and give people even more reasons to spend time and reach your content.

4. It Can Encourage Other Customers to Leave Reviews

Customers who are encouraged to purchase because of reviews can be more included to leave a review of their experience as well. They want to share their experience with others and signal that yes, these reviews can be trusted.

5. It Can Improve Sales

There are many places where people can see reviews of a brand or service. However, adding them to your website can directly help you get more conversions and increase your revenue.

Because instead of seeing a review on an online directory, and having to click on a few links to get to your site, the user sees the product and the feedback all in one place. And if they’re ready to buy, the review is just the incentive they needed to add to cart.

How Provaro Marketing Can Help

Adding reviews is just one of the ways to improve your site and increase revenue. Provaro Marketing is here to help you craft a comprehensive marketing strategy to grow your local business even further.

Get your free Local SEO audit to see how you stack up to the competition, and then reach out to us online or by calling 707-595-7002 to learn more about how we can help you get more reviews from your best customers.

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