5 Ways Local Businesses Can Optimize Their Google My Business Listing For More Clicks

By Sarah Giometti | Google My Business

Sep 09
5 Ways Local Businesses Can Optimize Their Google My Business Li

If you run a local business, your Google My Business page is a critical asset – and it helps potential customers find you quickly and easily when searching on Google or Google Maps. Wondering how you can get more clicks on your page? Here are some simple steps to take.

1. Post Real Photos Of Your Business

Posting real photos of your business will help customers see inside and learn more about the atmosphere, services you offer, and other such things.

A business with no posted photos is less likely to attract interest – since customers won’t know what to expect when they enter the store, restaurant, or other establishment. Having more photos is strongly correlated with higher overall page performance.

2. Put Q&As On Your Page

You can write out common questions and answers on your Google My Business program, such as:

Q: Is [name of business] open for take-out? Do I have to call ahead?

A: [Name of business] is open for take-out. You can place your order in-person, call ahead, or visit our website to pick up an order. Thank you!

Write out plenty of Q&As about the most common questions that customers have about your business. Customers who want to know more about your business will usually look at Q&As first to get answers, so this is a good way to keep them informed, and to answer any questions they have without requiring them to call or send you a message.

3. Add At Least 1 Post Per Week

Posting on your Google My Business page helps keep it active, and allows you to share more information about your business. It also makes it clear that your business is open and ready for customers! So try to upload at least one post per week, even if it’s just a quick update or photo!

4. Record Short Videos & Post Them

Videos can help engage customers in new ways. You can take a video tour of your business, upload a video with information about yourself, or upload any other type of video – with a 30 second maximum length, of course. Record short videos and post them regularly to boost your page.

5. Get More Reviews For Your Business

Customer reviews are a powerful way to build social proof – and they also help boost the ranking of your Google My Business page. Encourage customers to review your business on Google whenever you can – and consider giving them a coupon, discount, or another reward for proving that they left a review (whether it was positive, neutral, or negative).

Follow These Tips From Provaro Marketing For A Higher Google My Business Ranking!

These simple tips will help you optimize your page and get more clicks. If you want more information about local SEO and how to outpace the competition, Provaro Marketing is here to help. Contact us online or give us a call at 707.595.7002 to learn more about what we do, and get the assistance you need.

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