5 Ways Social Media Can Boost Your Email Marketing Campaigns

By Sarah Giometti | Facebook

Feb 08
5 Ways Social Media Can Boost Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Everyone knows that social media is a powerful marketing tool today. It’s a way to reach out to your customers in a more personal way that doesn’t translate as well to email or traditional marketing. Did you know, though, that you can use social media to boost email marketing campaigns, too?

The following are five ways to use social media to improve the success of your email marketing campaigns and get more subscribers:

  1. Tease offers exclusive to subscribers who opt-in. No one can resist a good deal-- and people have serious fear of missing out on a deal that they can’t easily access. Every time you have a special offer, promote the general facts but not the details on social media. People will join your list simply to find out-- and hopefully use-- that special promotion.
  2. Use sign-up forms to drive subscriptions to your email funnels. When someone is a fan on social media they have access to certain content, but you can get people on your email list by gating certain content. Require sign-up pages to access some of your most valuable resources, and people will happily make the trade, especially if you continue to provide valuable content afterwards.
  3. Promote a contest, raffle, or drawing. Just like people want access to a good deal, people want to win. Whenever you have any type of prize or giveaway, promote it on social media and require an email address to sign up. It will be a win-win for you both.
  4. Brand your email newsletters in social media bios and photographs. The more exposure people have to your newsletter, the more likely they are to sign up. Simply by choosing a cover photo that includes your logo and information on how to signup for your newsletter, you are likely to grow your list.
  5. Redistribute top content for greater visibility. You spend a lot of time and effort creating content for email marketing campaigns. Don’t waste it! Promote that same content on every social media channel you use. You’ll not only give it more exposure, but you’ll also improve its SEO through links.

By combining your efforts on social media and email marketing, you increase the impact of both. Social media can boost your email marketing campaigns dramatically if you simply make a little extra effort. With the right strategy, you’ll see your ROI grow quickly. Of course, this kind of strategy isn’t always easy to set up on your own. That’s why the team at Provaro Marketing is always available to help you find the best ways to leverage all types of online marketing for the greatest returns.

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