7 Ways You’re Wasting Money on Your Local Marketing

By Sarah Giometti | Local Marketing

Nov 19
7 Ways You're Wasting Money on Your Local Marketing

Local businesses wanting to leverage digital marketing methods to reach their audience and increase their profits need a bit more than just a broad strategy.

The rules of local marketing are slightly different than in promoting a business regardless of location, but unfortunately, many business owners go forward with the wrong approach.

Here are 7 ways you may be wasting your money in your local marketing efforts:

1. Not Having a Clear Strategy

A clear and consistent strategy is the secret to success, especially when it comes to local marketing. You need to have a good understanding of what your business needs in terms of advertising, and how you can get closer to your goals. Without having this strategy, money is wasted right from the get-go.

2. Not Knowing Who Your Audience Is

Tapping into a local audience is made much easier today thanks to the digital tools available, but reaching them isn’t the same as converting them.

A local audience often needs to put in a lot more effort to convert, such as visiting your physical store. That involves their time, so they will need some pretty good reasons to do it.

3. Ignoring Remarketing Opportunities

Say you run a few ads, and get someone to convert. They buy from you one time but are never to be seen again. This is a missed remarketing opportunity!

The fact that someone bought from you one time is not enough to convert them into a loyal customer. Often, businesses have to go back with additional offers and give the consumer reason to buy from them again, through remarketing.

4. Not Optimizing Your Spending

In local marketing, you have a lot of offline means of promoting yourself, such as flyers or posters that allow you to get closer to the people in your area. Coupled with all the different online methods, and your marketing budget may need a lot of funds to be sustained.

However, if you’re not analyzing your results, and optimizing your spending, you are not making the most out of your budget.

5. Not Testing

The golden rule in local marketing is to start small and test out the waters before going all in. Success here is dependent on so many factors that are impossible to account for before a big campaign. But through testing, you can perfect your efforts well before the big chunk of your budget goes to waste.

6. Not Leveraging Social Media

Social media presents a lot of opportunities to local businesses, so it’s a good idea to set up some accounts and start growing a following. Unfortunately, many business owners treat these platforms as an afterthought and waste their resources for lackluster results.

7. Working with the Wrong People

Lastly, local marketing success is dependent on working with the right people, who not only have the technical know-how, but also a good insight into how local marketing works.

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