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Jan 22

2017 SEO Trends: 7 Important Ways To Influence Results

By Sarah Giometti | SEO

SEO is vital for businesses who want to maximize their online presence. SEO directs traffic to your website, ultimately determining whether your ideal customer finds your solution to their problem or your competitor’s. Search engine optimization is not always white and black, it can be tricky. Every day, major search companies tinker with their algorithm, […]

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Nov 09

How To Use Facebook Marketing To Grow Your Business

By Sarah Giometti | Facebook

In today’s social media-fueled marketing reality, Facebook is a vital tool for reaching your customers. If you want to use Facebook marketing to grow your business, pay close attention. Unfortunately, Facebook serves no real purpose unless your posts successfully grow your business and generate revenue. While almost any content can reach your ideal customer, only […]

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Oct 29

5 Reasons Why Every Local Business Needs Local SEO

By Sarah Giometti | SEO

Most businesses have a general idea about the value of SEO in today’s internet-focused marketplace, but far too few businesses are leveraging local SEO for even better results. Local SEO is focused on optimizing traffic for a specific city, state, neighborhood, county, or location unlike traditional SEO, which focuses on improving your global organic rankings. […]

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