Feb 07

What is the Google Local Pack?

By Sarah Giometti | Google My Business

In today’s digital age, local business marketing has become essential for companies looking to thrive in their local communities. With the majority of consumers turning to online search engines to find local businesses, it’s crucial to have a prominent online presence. One powerful tool that helps local businesses gain visibility is the Google Local Pack.

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Dec 13

How to Use Customer Feedback to Grow Your Business

By Sarah Giometti | Online Reviews

There are many ways business owners can grow their online presence, build credibility and expand their business. One way that has been proven to be highly effective in getting and using customer feedback.
Of course, asking your clients for feedback is not a guarantee that they will leave one. But, there are ways you can get their feedback and use it to improve your relationship with your customers and prospects.

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Jul 12

How Local Businesses Can Improve Their Online User Experience

By Sarah Giometti | Local Marketing

You probably put a lot of effort into your marketing and advertising strategies, but the user experience can ultimately make it break your business. And, when you are competing with both local, national, and global companies for the same target audience, you can’t afford to make any mistakes. With that in mind, here’s what you can do to improve the online user experience.

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Jun 15

What Are Local Search Services for Small Businesses?

By Sarah Giometti | Google My Business

In today’s digital age, it’s not wise to run a business without a clear local search engine optimization strategy. Reports show that 93% of consumers use online searches to look for a local business and 42% of those searches lead to clicks on the Google Map Pack. And, it makes sense if you think about it. If you want to try a new restaurant in your area, you will probably use your phone to look for eateries near you, check their rates, read customer reviews, and so on.

But, if you are a small business with a lot on your plate, you may be wondering if any local search services could help you boost your local SEO rankings.

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May 31

How to Add Services to Your Google Business Profile

By Sarah Giometti | Google My Business

Google My Business is a powerful way to drive local traffic to your website. Whenever customers look for products and services in their area, Google will actually first display business profiles before the normal search result links.

Optimizing your Google My Business page is an integral component of your local SEO strategy. The goal of these profiles is to give users all the information they need in order to make a decision right there in the profile.

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