Boost Your Business with Better Search Engine Placement

By Sarah Giometti | Inbound Marketing

Nov 24

Better Search Engine PlacementThere’s nothing like working with a professional, qualified team to help you market your company and achieve results. At Provaro Marketing we want every company to get the best marketing with the best possible results, and that’s what we deliver. As part of our commitment to educating our clients, we’re going to take a bit of time today and discuss some key elements to getting better search engine placement.

Build Quality Backlinks

When you take the time to create and add on to your website, blog, and social media content, remember that every link counts. Make sure you’re choosing links that directly relate to the keywords and phrases you want to push and variations of those phrases. Imagine you are the reader, don’t inundate your script with so many links that none of them stand out, and don’t use links that connect to pages having nothing to do with your content.

It’s better to have a handful of quality backlinks that expand on your message and key phrases than to have a bunch of generic backlinks, you want to be interesting and knowledgeable, not bland and repetitive. One more tip for backlinking, make sure you’re building the links into your relevant terms, not using verbiage like “Read more about us when you click here.” You want content that reads like “Want to learn more about us and our mission?” not only is it more reader friendly and less jarring, it will allow you to expand on your content message in a cohesive way while still gaining the SEO benefits of backlinking.

Make the Most of Your Social Media

Having no social media is better than out-of-date social media, but having even just a handful of social media platforms that you update regularly is best. Social media is one of the easiest ways to connect with your clients and drive traffic to your website, thus gaining better search engine placement; but you need to keep it active or hire a company like us to maintain it.

When a client finds you through social media, you want them to see an engaging, information rich message that will make them want to reach out to you right then and there. If your content is old, it may make them wonder if you’re still active and they may not reach out because it looks like you’re not available through that channel any longer.

Let Your Content Do the Talking

There’s a saying in the internet marketing world, “Content is King”, what that means for companies like yours is that when you create and add content, your top priority should be making it rich, relevant, and mindful of your keywords and phrases. You want to entertain your reader and intrigue them to contact you, whether it’s for the first time or the hundredth time. The way you get them is by catching their attention, getting them interested by showing them how your services apply to them, and asking for their business—but you’ve got to do it in a professional, exciting, and mindful way.

If you’d like help creating the perfect SEO content for your website and social media platforms, contact us today—it’s your first step to getting found with better search engine placement.

About the Author

As a top industry expert with more than 20 years of marketing experience, Sarah Giometti founded Provaro Marketing in 2009 after developing her marketing savvy as a marketing and graphic design professional within one of the top mechanical contractors in the U.S. and a large medical group. Sarah has a passion for marketing solutions that drive measurable results specific to local businesses. Sarah has integrated this dedication to growth-focused digital marketing strategies into the business practices at Provaro. As a small business owner herself, Sarah knows how vital growth remains for any small business, which is why she focuses on the best strategies for local business growth.