Build Your Business Through Collaboration

By Sarah Giometti | Business

May 30

We missed our weekly blog post last week and we’re late on this one.  Why?  Because we’ve been busy and have some exciting things on the way!

First, let me personally apologize to our readers, because despite all the exciting things on the way, I should have made the time to get another blog article out there for you.  With that out of the way, let me set this up for you…

Our Market

As we mention from time to time, we have clients from California to New York and have been working to obtain more in the middle.  Our largest market is currently California and we’ll continue our efforts there, as well as begin some new efforts very soon to expand that market.  Our second largest market is currently New Mexico – partly because our corporate headquarters is located there.  There are some other important reasons that make New Mexico our second largest market, but I’m going to hold those as company secrets for now.  Texas happens to be our third largest market currently, so efforts will begin there in earnest as soon as we can spare the resources.

Marketing Collaboration

Back in March of this year, we announced our collaboration with Majestic Media in Farmington, NM.  Since that time, we’ve met with them almost daily to develop and polish a strategy.  We will fully unveil the results of this within a week or two – and things will become really interesting in the Four Corners area.  But that’s not the point of this article.  The point is this:  create collaborations with complimentary businesses in and around your industry.  Why do this?  Try this little exercise:  Take a stick and try to break it – not that difficult to do.  Now, take two sticks, tie them together, and try to break them – a bit more difficult.  The more sticks you tie together, the more difficult the bundle will be to break.  Seek out and develop strong relationships with other businesses to create a better product for your collective customers and a mutually beneficial situation for all businesses involved.

The more businesses you can tie together with your own into a mutually beneficial relationship, the stronger each business will be.  Now get busy and tie those sticks together!

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