Do Google My Business Posts Help with Local SEO?

By Sarah Giometti | Google

Jan 15
Do Google My Business Posts help with local SEO

If you are a local business, then Google My Business is the best way to show up in local, organic Google results. Managing it properly, however, is often easier said than done. You have probably listed your info already and worked on getting more reviews from clients, but there is one more tool integrated into the Google My Business account that you should explore.

What Are Google My Business Posts?

You have probably noticed that some Google search results return a My Business listing that not only offers the contact info of a business, but also snippets of content that provide a bit more insight on what they actually offer.

Google My Business gives you a free website to use as a platform for engaging more customers, and creating posts here not only comes free of charge, but it can actually boost your rankings.

Google My Business posts can be SEO optimized, giving you that extra boost in customer engagement. They also come with an extra perk that you wouldn’t be able to profit from otherwise: you can duplicate them without Google flagging your content. This is a big deal, since you won’t have to worry about constantly posting fresh content, which can take time and effort to create.

Google My Business posts expire in 7 days, which means you have to keep posting if you want them to be included in the Google search results. But, since they can be repeated, you can easily create a few relevant posts and rotate them every 7 days. The Google My Business platform doesn’t allow you to schedule your posts, but you can easily use tools like OneUp to do that.

Will Google My Business Posts Help with Your Local SEO?

They surely will, as long as you optimize them for Google’s local search engine. Basic principles apply here as well: use relevant keywords, attractive images and elements that draw the user’s attention, and include a call to action.

Case studies show an increased interest in local businesses that had active My Business posts, and if your competitors are not aware of this tool, using it will certainly give you an advantage. Attaching video content to your Google My Business posts is even more efficient, as you can easily get a lot of information across and use the huge engagement potential of videos.

The Final Good News

The great thing about Google My Business posts is that they are cheap. Even hiring an local search engine optimization (SEO) company to do it will cost significantly less than other SEO strategies. Drawing a line on all the advantages, we can safely conclude that Google My Business posts should be elementary for any local business.


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