Does My Business Need A Social Media Manager?

By Sarah Giometti | Social Media

Aug 27

Every business today, no matter their industry, offerings, or target customer can leverage social media for better leads. In fact, it can be one of the easiest and most effective ways to increase sales and brand. While it should be clear that your business needs social media, does it mean you need a social media manager?

Most experts say yes, and we couldn’t agree more. After all, having a person solely focused on social media brings many benefits, including:

  • Consistent voice across channels representing your brand every day
  • Regular updates and posts, a must for creating engagement on social media
  • Better tracking and metrics, since each campaign is centrally managed and monitored
  • Better marketing and social media strategy expertise and adherence to best practices, which brings better results
  • Faster responses to what’s trending, making your brand more relevant
  • More responsive engagement with customers who tag, question, or comment on your company’s profiles, since someone is directly monitoring social media accounts at all times
  • Clearer social media planning and goal-setting across all channels
  • Better ROI and measurable results


Focused On Social Media

Social media managers have a singular focus: social media. They aren’t tied up in other tasks vital to daily business operations, which means that your company is always creating relevant, up-to-date content to engage potential customers on social media. The more people you engage, the better your results will be, so for social media marketing to have optimal returns, a social media manager is vital.

Most small businesses that struggle with social media is those that are required to work in other areas of the business. It’s tough to manage content, video, social media, lead generation, PR, especially if you’re a one person team as many online small businesses are. When you can add another expert or advanced team to your own with a sole focus on one particular department, the results can be extraordinary.

Does My Social Media Need to Be Managed In-House?

Still, the cost of hiring an in-house social media manager can feel prohibitive for many small businesses. That’s why many companies today are looking for other options. Outsourcing the work to a consultant or a social marketing company can give many of the same benefits at a lower cost. For small businesses or startups, the lowered costs and guaranteed expertise across all channels makes it possible to get almost all the same responsiveness and benefits without the overhead of an additional employee.

 How Much Does Social Media Managers Cost?

The pricing to hire a social media manager will vary from one business to the next. Just because someone charges more doesn’t mean you’ll get better results either, that’s an industry myth. ROI can be measured in different ways when it comes to social media marketing and it would depend what level your business is at. While likes, shares, retweets are always nice, your social media marketing strategies should be customer focused and not metric focused. Provaro understands this and it’s why we’ve been able to effectively grow businesses through social media.

You shouldn’t look at social media marketing as a cost, rather an investment that will benefit you short-term and long-term.

In the end, you’ll have to decide if the benefits outweigh the costs of a dedicated social media professional organizing your social media campaigns. In most cases, we believe it will be. By handing off social media accounts to an expert, you’ll get best practices implemented immediately. Plus, you’ll free yourself up to do what you do best–run your business. You simply have to find the right match for your company’s needs.

About the Author

As a top industry expert with more than 20 years of marketing experience, Sarah Giometti founded Provaro Marketing in 2009 after developing her marketing savvy as a marketing and graphic design professional within one of the top mechanical contractors in the U.S. and a large medical group. Sarah has a passion for marketing solutions that drive measurable results specific to local businesses. Sarah has integrated this dedication to growth-focused digital marketing strategies into the business practices at Provaro. As a small business owner herself, Sarah knows how vital growth remains for any small business, which is why she focuses on the best strategies for local business growth.