Facebook Ads: 4 Ways To Grow Your Business

By Sarah Giometti | Facebook Marketing

Mar 04

Facebook has become one of the most powerful ways to connect with your customers and expand the reach of your brand. Unfortunately, a brand’s organic reach is consistently diluted as more brands join and the Facebook algorithm increasingly favors individuals over companies. You can counter that trend, however, using Facebook ads. The following are four ways you could be using Facebook ads to grow your business.

1. Use location targeting to increase foot traffic and/or establish yourself as a local authority. Facebook ads make location targeting incredibly easy, which makes them a powerful way to increase brick-and-mortar purchases, especially since clickthrough on mobile ads has a higher immediate conversion rate than almost any other Facebook growth strategy. If you don’t have a storefront, local targeting can still be effective. You can use education-based videos to promote your expertise in the field, so when they perform a local search for a professional in your field, you are a trusted, familiar face.
2. Offer something special to grow your email list. Special offers, such as a freebie, a giveaway, or a discount code, provide a simple incentive to sign up for your email list. A targeted Facebook ad linked to a simple landing page can become an impressively effective (and easy!) way to grow your list.
3. Target current customers to launch a new product. If you want to inform customers of a new launch, Facebook ads provide an interesting way to promote your offer. While many companies use their email lists for this kind of an announcement, low open rates mean you won’t necessarily get your desired reach. Facebook ads provide a different outlet to reach those same customers simply by retargeting those already on your list. You can even expand further to target fans of your products or a specific demographic.
4. Build a loyal, active fan base on Facebook that drives traffic. Companies have been complaining about the declining organic reach of their content for a long time, but did you know that ads can increase that organic reach in the long term? It’s true. When you use ads to increase traffic to your Facebook page, the organic reach of popular posts (and especially promoted posts) actually increases too. This bump isn’t just temporary either, Facebook marketers have reported long-term increases in both kinds of traffic using ads.

While they may seem like simple tactics, these strategies for using Facebook ads to grow your business have proven incredibly effective for thousands of small business owners like you.

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