Google Image Changes

By Sarah Giometti | Analytics

Dec 19

Change AheadThe goals of any marketing campaign are simple, get your message in front of prospective clients, and gain as much data as possible from those that you are interacting with. There have been some changes recently that may impact the way that marketers gain the insight they need to effectively run a campaign. Google has announced that they will begin altering the way that images are sent from servers. Google will now send images from their servers rather than from the originator’s server. This change in images and the information attached means several things when it comes to running a successful marketing campaign. On a positive note the changes are predicted to increase the open rate when it comes to email campaigns. Now since the recipient does not need to wait for the images to load, when a person views the text it will now count as an open email. This information around open rates has been confirmed in part by both Mailchimp and Aweber, although no one is providing specific details around how drastic a difference in open rates will be seen with this new transition.

However, on the flip side, even though your message will be seen by more people which is a marketer’s dream this new perk comes with a sacrifice of information which is never a good thing in marketing. Now, as a marketer you will lose insight into IP addresses, as well as the type of device that the user used to open the email. According to Google the changes are meant to protect their users, but it is still a tough break for marketers who are looking for as much information as possible while they get to know their consumer.

These changes are just the latest in an ever-changing marketing world. Only time will tell how these changes will play out. Will you see a dramatic increase in brand awareness, or in the end will you lose valuable information that then becomes irreplaceable? What are your thoughts on how these changes will impact you?

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