How Do I Advertise My Small Business Locally

By Sarah Giometti | Google My Business

Aug 01
How Do I Advertise My Small Business Locally

Small businesses have it hard these days. Not only that they must compete against similar local companies, but they also have to pay attention to what global businesses are doing too. Consumers nowadays can find almost anything they want at the touch of a button. So, how do you make them pay attention and choose your brand instead?

Here are a few ideas.

Set up Your Google My Business Account

You don’t need to promote your brand online if you are a local brand, right? Wrong! Consumers nowadays go online first whenever they want to research a new brand. Make sure that your business is there by setting up your Google My Business account.

Use Social Media

Join local Facebook groups that are relevant to your business. But, don’t just spam users with ads. Instead, share content that is informative and helpful. Engage in conversations and provide insightful advice whenever you can.

Advertise Your Business at Local Movie Theaters

What better way to promote a business than when consumers are actually expecting to see a few advertisements? Not to mention that your prospects are relaxed and, most importantly: they are paying attention.

Get a Local Radio or TV to Broadcast Live from Your Business

Let’s say that you have a promotion going on or that you are hosting an event. Use this opportunity to invite a few local radio or TV stations to broadcast live from your shop. Not only that they will talk about your promotion, but prospects will get a chance to see how much fun shoppers are having.

Support a Local Event

Find a cause or event that your audience cares about and offer a donation or sponsorship. You will feel good about giving back to the community, and people will feel more enticed to shop from your business.

Set up a Shop at a Local Fair

Use this opportunity to meet with potential customers and present them your products. Have a few samples with you and hand them out to those that seem interested in your offer.

Use Email Marketing

Encourage customers to sign up to your newsletter and send them details about special offers, educative content, access to limited content, and so on. Make them feel as if they are a special group for joining your newsletter.

Place Ads on Local Websites

Brainstorm local businesses that are relevant to your brand and place ad banners on their websites. For instance, if you sell garden supplies, then it might be a good idea to place ads on a local garden landscape business’ site.

The List Doesn’t End Here

We are full of advertising ideas for small local businesses. Of course, we will look at your profile first, analyze your audience, establish your goals, and only then develop a strategy. If you want to learn more about how we can help, get in touch with us right away.

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