How Might Corporate Social Responsibility Play a Role in Marketing

By Sarah Giometti | Business

Jun 24
How might corporate social responsibility play a role in marketing

Consumers nowadays are more conscious than ever before. They are looking for local, ethical, and environmentally-friendly products and want to shop from brands that share the same values as they do. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can help meet the needs and desires of today’s consumers.

CSR is an ethical management approach where businesses don’t focus solely on profits but tries to integrate social, environmental, and economical concerns into their missions and try to operate in a way that will benefit society. Adding a marketing element to CSR means that you are also trying to show your audience the difference you are making in the world and attract consumers who share the same values and vision as you.

How CSR and Marketing Complement Each Other

In its simplest form, marketing is all about communicating what makes you different from your competitors. Whether it’s your price, the quality of your product, your experience, or your freshness, brands are always trying to tell how they are different. CSR is another differentiator you add to these communication efforts. You are now also telling your audience about your moral values and the efforts you are making to make the world a better place.

Whether you are donating a portion of your profits to charities, raising awareness regarding a social issue, or using recyclable packaging, these are all examples of using CSR in marketing.

Imagine that your company just launched a line of shoes made from recycled plastic. Your marketing campaign focuses on the importance of keeping our oceans clean and the urge to switch to sustainable design. Your audience will now perceive you as an environmentally conscious and sustainable brand and shop from you if they share the same values.

Be careful, though, when it comes to CSR marketing, just following the trends for the sake of seeming conscious might do more harm than good. Your executives, shareholders, and stakeholders should practice the ethical behaviors that your brand is promoting. Otherwise, your efforts will be labeled a hypocrite and a simple attempt of greenwashing.

Does CSR Really Matter?

A lot of companies nowadays still don’t understand the importance of corporate social responsibility and think that just showing how you are different, better, faster is enough to attract an audience. And, while it may be true to some extent, research shows that corporate responsibility plays an important role in consumers’ purchasing decisions. One Nielsen survey found that 60% of consumers are willing to pay more for products and services from brands that showcased social commitment. Another research found that 87% of Americans will buy a product because the company raised awareness about social issues they cared about.

We Can Help

If you need help connecting your CSR efforts to your marketing campaigns, Provaro Marketing is the right team to call at 707-595-7002, or contact us online. We can also help you get an overview of your local marketing performance and devise an effective strategy that will get you more customers.

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