How Often Should Local Businesses Post on Their Google My Business Listing?

By Sarah Giometti | Google

Jan 31
How often should local businesses post on their Google My Business listing

By now, you should know that local businesses rely heavily on Google My Business to put their local business in the top search results. Google My Business allows you to easily interact with potential customers through the search engine and Google Maps. It also allows you to actually publish content on your Google My Business page, which doesn’t cost anything.


How to Use Google Posts to Boost SEO?

Google My Business posts are meant to give the user more insight into the top results of the Google search. If they search for a local service or product, they will be given a preview of the contact info of top-ranking businesses, and snippets of any posts they might’ve uploaded on their My Business page.

So how do these posts help your local business? You get to choose what piece of information to show in the SERP along with your contact info and a short description. That means that you have more control over what shows up on the Google search result page and insert an engaging message or information in your listing.

To make the best use of your My Business page, enrich it with optimized content and media and make sure to keep posting it, as any My Business post will expire in 7 days. If you want to have these posts shown on the Google results page, you should repost them or upload fresh content at least once a week. Speaking of, is it best to post often or is weekly posting enough for better ranking?


How Often Should You Post on Google My Business?

It all depends on what you want to achieve. Diverse, fresh content will definitely help your business, and good results were reported by businesses that posted daily. This is due to Google’s preferences for web pages that are updated regularly and often, and for those who use Google products.

But posting once a week is not that bad either, especially if you want to promote a certain sale or event. Keep important news up by not posting new content that would show up instead.

What happens when a post expires? It just doesn’t show up as a snippet in the Google results page, but it’s still available on your My Business page. The good news is that Google will not flag duplicate content on its My Business pages, which means you can easily rotate older posts to keep your content diverse.

If you have more questions on how to maximize Google My Business’s potential, book a call with our local  marketing experts, and get the most out of your marketing budget.

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