How to Format Your Name, Address, and Phone (NAP) for Local Business Search

By Sarah Giometti | Local SEO

Apr 04
How to improve Google search ranking for your local business

Hi everyone, I’m Sarah Giometti, the founder of Provaro Marketing. In this video, we’re going to talk about local search engine optimization and how to format your name, address, phone number, or what we call NAP. First, let’s talk about your name. It’s really important to be consistent with your name, address, phone number in everywhere that your business is listed. You want to make sure your name is exactly the same everywhere. So, if you’re incorporated and you want to include that, the Inc, you need to make sure it’s included everywhere. For instance, if you are Santa Rosa Dentist Group Inc, you want to have Santa Rosa Dentist Group Inc, and whether you have the comma there or not, it has to be consistent from Google to Facebook, to Yelp. You can’t be Santa Rosa Dental Group in one place, Santa Rosa Dentistry in the other, and Santa Rosa Dentist Group, Inc in another. Google will see that as different information and won’t know what to serve up so it’ll actually ping you and penalize you in your rankings.

Second is your address. The same goes here, you want to be consistent. If you are at 123 Main Street, you want to make sure you have 123 Main Street spelled out, not St., St no period. Again, you want to be consistent across the board. So take a look at your listings and make sure you have 123 Main Street, with the word street spelled out everywhere that your business is listed.

Third is your phone number. This seems obvious, you want to have the same phone number across the board. And maybe you have more than one phone number for your business, and so you have phone number A in one place and phone number B in another place. These are things that Google looks at, so you want to make sure your phone number is consistent across the board. Are you using the office line or your cell phone line as the primary business number? What’s on your website? That’s the phone number you should be using everywhere. For instance, I have an office line and a cell phone line. And a cell phone line is usually what I’m operating on, but the business line is the official number that I have on all of my listings. You want to make sure that is consistent. Google likes consistency, especially the first thing they look at is your name, address and phone number, and if it’s convoluted across the board on different listing sites or Facebook, Yelp, Google. If it’s all different, Google doesn’t know what to serve up to people and Google doesn’t want to be wrong. This is the first thing you can look at in getting consistent for your local SEO and local search engine optimization.

I hope this video helped you in figuring out where to start for local SEO. If you liked the content, I’d really appreciate it if you click the button below and subscribe to our channel, and I’ll see you in the next one. Thank you.

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