How To Get Effective Results Between Marketing And Sales?

By Sarah Giometti | Local Marketing

Feb 10
How To Get Effective Results Between Marketing And Sales

The sales and marketing departments work together to achieve the same goals, albeit they may have different means to do it.

The marketing team is in charge of promoting your product or services and ensuring your messages reach the right people. They do it through a variety of different methods, from paid ads to social media advertising, SEO strategies, and more.

Sales teams, on the other hand, have the goal of guiding potential customers to become actual customers. They often interact directly with consumers, over the phone, emails, answer their questions and provide them with everything they need to make an informed decision.

In the end, both departments work towards helping a business reach its goals. And when their efforts are calibrated to be on the same page, the results can be incredible.

How Can Sales and Marketing Work Together?

When you connect the two departments, you can ensure everyone is working on the same goals, and following the same procedures that represent your business faithfully. This makes your brand seem more connected and ensures your target audience can get to know you better.

There are a few key elements that both departments should be on the same page:

1. The buyer persona

Both marketing and salespeople should have a good understanding of who the ideal customer is. This can help both departments improve how they communicate their messages, leading to better results as they can personalize texts and materials to speak directly to the pain points of the consumer.

2. The conversion funnel

Marketing and sales are not in competition with each other, so if there is this tendency to one-up another in these departments, it’s important to remove any incentives that prevent people from working together.

Marketing gets people in through the door, and the sales process is the tipping point that leads to a conversion. Both teams should have a good understanding of the company sales funnel, and re-think their processes to create a seamless experience for the consumer.

3. The feedback

Both sides can learn a lot of valuable things about the consumers, product and service, and even the conversion process. It’s important to make sure you establish clear ways for the departments to communicate with each other and share this knowledge to empower both to optimize their operations.

Provaro Marketing Can Help You Drive Better Results

If you need to recalibrate your marketing efforts to make sure they work together with the sales department, Provaro Marketing would be happy to help.

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