How to Get More 5-Star Google Reviews For Your Local Business

By Sarah Giometti | Google My Business

Nov 24
How to get more 5-star Google Reviews for your local business

A big part of your online reputation is built on reviews, and most people look at your Google reviews before deciding if they should be a new customer or not. That’s because it provides a relatively trustworthy image of your services or products.

To get more 5-star Google reviews, you don’t have to use black hat strategies (in fact, we strongly advise you to never try buying fake reviews.) For a good reputation, simply follow some good practices and learn a bit more on how to use Internet tools to your own advantage.

Let’s get to the best ways to get more 5-star Google reviews.

Ask Your Customers to Leave Reviews

It’s that simple: an effective review management strategy starts by just asking your customers to leave a review. Don’t condition their experience on that, make it a choice for them, and don’t push this request more than you have to, but do remind them of this option. You can include this in a thank you email, at the end of a transaction, etc.

Provide Very Good Customer Service

To get more positive reviews, your customer service specialist(s) has to do a great job and really focus on the best CS strategies. If needed, train them to provide high-quality service and provide them with the means to keep customers happy.

Respond Quickly to Negative Reviews

Negative reviews can be turned into a positive thing by answering them quickly and being helpful. Use assertive language and show that you understand why that person is angry or unsatisfied. Take measures to compensate them for their experience, or to explain the situation calmly (in case they are, in fact, wrong, and your employees were not at fault.)

Use Automated Tools for Generating Review Forms

Digital marketing nowadays relies a lot on automation, and you should take advantage of it too. You can use tools that generate and manage review forms, reminders, and many other small tasks.

Report Reviews That Seem Abusive or Unjustified

Sometimes, you get negative reviews that make no sense and are there just to harm your business. Google has clear guidelines on what a legitimate review consists of. If you suspect any ill-intentioned activity, report it to Google and let them review it.

Need a Better Brand Reputation Strategy?

Let us handle your online reputation and get you plenty of stellar reviews. Our team at Provaro Marketing uses experience, digital marketing know-how, and creativity to give your brand an impactful, positive image.

To get started, give us a call at 707-595-7002 or fill in the online contact form. We are happy to discuss your needs and goals, and the best way to start is by giving you a free local SEO audit. Based on the results of this free audit, we can build a super effective strategy for your unique brand.

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