How to Improve Google Search Ranking for Your Local Business

By Sarah Giometti | Business

Aug 13
How to improve Google search ranking for your local business

Hey, everyone. I’m Sarah Giometti, the founder of Provaro Marketing. In this video, I want to give you three tips to rank your local business video number one on Google. The very first trick that a lot of people don’t realize is before uploading your video to YouTube, you want to rename the file name. You don’t want to leave it the DSC_001 or whatever your camera creates. You want to actually name it of the title of the video. Make sure you have a keyword and your location as part of that video title. An example would be, Small Business Video Marketing for Santa Rosa, California.

That is how you should name the video and that takes us into tip number two, which is the title of your video as you’re uploading it to YouTube. You want to utilize that same title for the file name as the title. So, Video Marketing Tips for Local Business in Santa Rosa, California, or whatever it happens to be, should be the title that you use in YouTube.

The third tip is, you want to utilize the tags. This is a step that a lot of small businesses forget. You want to put in, not only keywords, relevant keywords, so don’t do keyword stuffing, but relevant keywords that also have your geo-targeted location or geographical area. Again, I would use things like video marketing, small business marketing, video marketing in Santa Rosa, California or just Santa Rosa.

Those are ways that you can make sure your video will show up for your keywords in your local market and help you get to the number one spot on Google because Google loves YouTube because they have a vested interest because they own it. I hope this video was helpful for you in figuring out how to get your video ranked number one on Google. If you liked this content, I’d really appreciate it if you’d subscribe to our channel. Again, I’m Sarah Giometti of Provaro Marketing, and I’ll see you in the next video.

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As a top industry expert with more than 20 years of marketing experience, Sarah Giometti founded Provaro Marketing in 2009 after developing her marketing savvy as a marketing and graphic design professional within one of the top mechanical contractors in the U.S. and a large medical group. Sarah has a passion for marketing solutions that drive measurable results specific to local businesses. Sarah has integrated this dedication to growth-focused digital marketing strategies into the business practices at Provaro. As a small business owner herself, Sarah knows how vital growth remains for any small business, which is why she focuses on the best strategies for local business growth.