How to Use SMS Text Messaging for Customer Service and Support

By Sarah Giometti | Local Marketing

Dec 22
How to Use SMS Text Messaging for Customer Service and Support

Consumers nowadays want personalized and highly targeted brand interactions and they want it in real-time. But, here’s the trick: they don’t want it to happen in person or via emails. In fact, reports show that 67% of consumers prefer texting to talking on the phone or communicating via emails.

So, what’s the solution?

Enter SMS customer support.

What Is SMS Customer Support?

This type of service is a way to provide Virtual Customer Support via text message, where there is no need to interact personally or verbally. Statistics indicate that SMS Customer Support Services are more efficient than emails, and customers actually prefer this approach better.

SMS Support can be used for different needs and covers many benefits for businesses and customers alike.

How to Use an SMS Customer Support System?

There are different ways a business can use this system when it comes to interacting with its clients. Most importantly, this is a way of establishing a relationship with them, increasing sales, and providing different services. And, you can achieve this by:

  • Send scheduled messages to engage more with the customers
  • Create and send poll reviews
  • Send out notifications
  • Keep customers informed
  • Send out promotions
  • Send out bulk text messages for different promotional campaigns
  • Solve doubts clients might have
  • Send welcome SMS and welcome offers to new clients
  • Order and shipping updates

Why Choose an SMS Customer Support System?

There are several reasons this option works more optimally as it provides almost instant results. These benefits include:

  • Customer Demand: People are more comfortable reaching out via texting rather than email or phone call. Customers expect to get the support that they need in the fastest time frame. Text Messages provide more personal interaction.
  • Time-saving as it reduces the time clients must wait for the call to get answered, transferred to the correct department, and for the operator to actually provide a solution.
  • Stress reduction for both operators and customers. Instant communication via message allows both parties to tackle issues having a more personal and instant approach.
  • It is effective. Sometimes, the issue a customer needs to tackle can be solved quickly. SMS Support System provides effectiveness for both parts.
  • Fast and Easy way to interact, leading to customer and operator satisfaction.
  • It involves fewer costs to maintain the system as calls are more expensive than SMS.
  • It is more likely to return a text message than a missed call or a voicemail.

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