How to Write and Promote Your Brand Story

By Sarah Giometti | Advertising

Apr 12

Your brand represents your company’s personality. It’s the face you present to the world. Without your brand story, your customers have no way to see what your company stands for–or worse, they’ll infer what you stand for on their own (and you may not like their conclusions). A brand story is more than just the story of how you came to be or a mission statement. Your brand story should be a statement of your values and reason for existing that imbues everything you do as a company.

When your customers think of your brand, what they are really doing is telling your brand story to themselves, so you’ve got to make sure that brand story captures attention and delights. The right brand story can push customers to buy. The wrong one will lose you sales and interest.

6 Simple Ways to Develop and Promote Your Brand Story

So if a brand story is vital to your company’s success, how do you develop and promote the ideal brand story? Here are six simple tips on how to write and promote your brand story to get you started.

  1. Create a narrative around a simple statement of why your company exists. To get to the root of a brand story that sells, start with why. Why did you start your company, and why do you still do what you do today? Chances are that something makes you passionate about your products and services, and this passion can be infectious. Build a narrative around that why that makes you love your brand, and your customers will love it too. Just keep it simple, though. If you get too bogged down in the details, you’ll lose interest. Share the problem, share the solution, and share your success. That’s it.
  2. Build interest, not a sales pitch. Don’t think of your brand story as another marketing material, or it will come off sounding like sales copy (which no one wants to hear). Instead, create a narrative that has personality, authenticity, intrigue, and all the elements of a good story. Remember, you aren’t selling your product; you’re telling the story of who you are as a company. Keep that purpose first, and the story sells itself.
  3.  Share a struggle. Have you ever read an interesting book where the main character faces no adversity? I haven’t. The struggle and the challenges faced by the protagonist make the story worth reading. Your brand story should have that same tension if you want to capture attention. Talk about a challenge or even a failure on your way to success today, especially one that propels you to an even bigger success in the future.
  4.  Make your brand story personal. We all want to root for a character we love and even help that character succeed. When you show the people behind your brand, you show your customers someone to root for, rather than a faceless corporation. Highlight your founder, your team, your customers’ successes, or even those benefiting from what you do in some way, and your brand story’s impact grows exponentially.
  5.  Make your customers a vital part of your brand story. Remember to include the customers in your story, so they feel like a purchase buys them into the story. Participating in a vision makes buying meaningful. Plus, when your customers feel like they are a part of the story, they are much more likely to share your story with friends and family, post on social media, and even add to the story through their own testimonials.
  6.  Integrate your brand story into every piece of content you write (and every interaction you have with a customer). Your brand story does you no good as a single page on your website. Your story should be an active part of everything you do. Integrate your brand story into every part of your business from what you write to what you say to customers to how you sell. This story should tell why you exist, so it should feel natural to tell the brand story in everything you do as a company. You’ll increase the impact of your story and connect more authentically with customers, as well.

Your brand story remains the most powerful way to naturally connect with customers, so make sure to tell your story well. These six tips will take you a long way towards your ideal story.

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