If You’re Only Going to Do One Thing to Promote Your Small Business, Do This

By Sarah Giometti | Local Marketing

Mar 08
If You're Only Going to Do One Thing to Promote Your Small Business, Do This

With so many different marketing strategies out there, each of them designed to promote your business, it can be hard to determine which one will work for your company.

But if you are the owner of a small business and are looking for ways to promote it, there is one bulletproof strategy that can help your business grow and expand:

You should focus on Local SEO.

Here Is How Local SEO Can Promote Your Small Business:

It Does Not Require a Large Budget or Investment

With a local SEO, your small business can boost its search engine rankings without having to invest a large amount of money. SEO is the most reliable source of getting online traffic, compared to other channels. And the fact that it’s budget-friendly makes it even more attractive to small businesses.

SEO Helps Your Business to Be Seen

One of the main issues local businesses struggle with is visibility. It can be difficult to make yourself seen when you are competing with major brands. The beauty of local SEO is that it can help your business gain more online visibility and get to the users that are looking for the services and products your business provides.

It Leads Prospects to Your Business

Whenever a user looks for something online, Google will try to make this quest easier for them. That means that the search engine giant will recommend the business that is the closest and most relevant to the user. By investing in local SEO, you ensure your business will show up on Google’s “places near you” recommendations, for instance. Once your business is among the top Google recommendations, it becomes more likely that a user will visit your website and your store physically.

It Helps with Local Growth and Expansion

You need to invest in local SEO and update your current strategy if you want to start growing your business. Local business owners sometimes become so focused on traditional marketing techniques, that they tend to ignore the power search engine optimization can have. Yes, fliers and coupons can help you get prospects through your door from a closed radius, but if you want to reach out to customers that are on the other side of the city, for example, then local SEO might be one of the best ways to do it.

Leverage Proximity

If there’s one thing customers want, then that’s probably convenience. So, you need to show them that your business is not only better but more accessible and convenient than your competitors. And, local SEO can help with that too. Unless they are looking for something specific, most prospects will likely choose the businesses that are the closest to them and that can provide what they need. Make sure your business is on Google Maps and among the top search results.

Next Marketing Steps

This is THE Marketing strategy local businesses need to start focusing on right now. And the good news is that Provaro Marketing can help you implement an effective local SEO marketing strategy. Contact us online here, or call us at 707-795-7002, go get started.

If you’d like to know more about the current state of your local marketing, request your free local SEO analysis today.

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