Lead Generation

Let’s face it: we all need prospects that we can turn into clients in order to stay in business. Finding the best prospects is a giant hurdle for most businesses, especially local ones. If you serve a local market, you have a limited pond to fish in when looking for new clients.

Using Sales Funnels To Grow And Expand Your Business
Sales funnels are often the missing piece to a small, local business marketing strategy. Yet it is critical to growth in the digital age. With inbound lead generation, you attract your ideal clients through your other marketing efforts (Google, social media, blogs, video, etc.) and drive them to the specific information they are already looking for on your website. You gently ask them to “self-select” in to learn more (usually by asking for their email address in exchange for extended content) and you now have contact information to continue marketing to them until they become a new client.

Inbound Beats Outbound Every Time
Inbound lead generation brings all of your marketing efforts together and strategically turns prospects into customers. It is the most effective sales tool you can use to grow your local business. It takes the hard part out of sales, automates it in a way that your prospects enjoy, and nurtures them into new clients.

With inbound marketing producing 54% more leads than traditional outbound practices, it’s a no-brainer for every business. Every piece of the inbound lead generation journey is trackable, so you always know what is and isn’t working and can make adjustments along the way to improve the system. There is very little you can track about outbound efforts (tv, radio, print).

The Truth About Lead Generation
It may be the perfect sales tool for local businesses, but it isn’t the easiest. It requires special landing pages, a lot of quality content that drives traffic, optimizing your website for search engines, and a back-end campaign that nurtures your prospects into paying clients. This is where we come in. We put together the entire campaign for you, help you create attractive content, and tweak the system along the way as we learn what works best for your business and your ideal clients.

Inbound marketing costs 62% less per lead than traditional outbound marketing. If you’re ready to make your marketing dollars work smarter and harder, while you work easier, apply for a complimentary digital marketing audit today.