Reputation Management

Reputation matters, and not just for individuals. A business’s success or failure depends on its reputation. A reputation for a local business is all about how people perceive the company, and once people have made up their minds it is very hard to change it.

A local business’s reputation exists in the form of online reviews. With 90% of consumers reading online reviews before visiting a business, you must focus on increasing the quantity and quality of your reviews online. Especially when 74% of people say that positive reviews make them trust a local business more.

When’s the last time you picked a 1-star (or 0-star) business? Never? If you’re not going to select a business that doesn’t have reviews, your future customers won’t either.

Do you have it on your calendar to check your online reviews every single week? When’s the last time you checked your online reviews?

What customers see in Google’s search results page forms the business’s reputation. The way local business reputation works is pretty simple. A customer types in a query. What they see in the resulting search results shapes their view of that company.

If a customer sees a negative review of a business in the search engine results page, that business can lose 21.9% of its customers! The number of lost customers drops significantly with each additional negative review.

What if you had a systematic, automatic way of creating and monitoring new reviews for your business every single week with only 5 minutes of effort by your staff? Would this key piece of marketing become more important for your business?

Local business reputation is built on online reviews. Your online reviews are your reputation. Schedule a call today to talk about how you can improve your local business reputation.