Social Media Marketing

Why Do You Need Social Media Marketing?

Nowadays, asking “What is the purpose of social media” is a bit like asking “What is the purpose of talking to people” – it should be obvious.  However, the answer to the first question is just as elusive as the answer to second question.  From the perspective of a business owner, think about that second question:  “What is the purpose of talking to people?”

What is the Purpose of Talking to People?

At first, it seems as though the answer should be obvious, but the question makes you pause to actually think about the real benefits of talking to people.  Because social media (online) is a parallel to real life (offline), the answers to each question are the same.  However, social media can cause much more of an impact because of “Reach.”  Reach in social media is the number of people who see your social communications.  Because the average number of friends a person has on Facebook or Twitter (the two staples of social media) is 200, the average number of people involved in any given conversation in social media can be significantly higher than the conversations you have in real life (offline).

What is the Purpose of Social Media Marketing?

Social media builds brand awareness.  Social media sites are integrated into the daily lives of billions of people.  Imagine having the opportunity to stand in the living rooms, offices, sidewalks, etc. of thousands of people simultaneously each and every day having real conversations with them while wearing your company logo.  People would remember your name and your company.  Social media gives you that opportunity.

Be found by potential leads.  Traditional methods of finding information about a product, service, or company are becoming less effective as more and more people turn to social media as their source of conversations, news, and research.  Often times, people learn of a product, service, or company through social media before they even realized they want or need it.  Through social media, this information often comes to us through our friends before we decide to go look for it.

Build a community that grows your bottom line.  By using social media to publish content relevant to your product, service, or industry, you attract interested leads that interact with your content.  Engaging with these people helps you embrace interested leads and turn them into loyal followers.  Growing the number of people who Like or Follow your page will increase the number of people who see and engage with your content.  When you treat them properly, some may even become brand advocates on your behalf and help to recruit even more followers!

Recruit customers by engaging in conversations.  By using social media to publish content that may be of interest to your current and future followers, leads will interact with your content.  When you genuinely engage in these conversations with care, concern, and questions, you create real relationships between your current and future customers.  These relationships provide you with opportunities to improve your products and services to become the company of choice for current and future customers.

Remember that content leads to conversations.  Conversations lead to relationships.  Relationships lead to sales.  Treat your online conversations through social media the same way you treat your offline conversations.  Don’t always talk about yourself.  Have real conversations with people that result in relationships with people.  Those who know, like, and trust you will purchase from you.  It really is that simple.

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