Internet Traffic Measurement Favorites

By Sarah Giometti | Analytics

May 08

Internet Traffic MeasurementAnalytics are a key part of inbound marketing . . . or any marketing, for that matter!  You need to know how many people visit your website.  You need to know how many are unique, how many return, what pages they visit, how long they stay, on what pages they enter your site, how they find you, and on and on. This is exactly why i have my internet traffic measurement favorites, which I will share with you now.

You use these numbers to make decisions.  Which pages are attracting the most visitors and holding their attention?  Which sites are referring the most traffic?  Of course, you’ll need to continue the numbers game into leads captured, and sales from leads, but we’ll just focus on traffic for now.  The following are my two favorite tools for internet traffic measurement.

Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics
There’s no denying that Google is the giant of the Internet.  Why not use their analytics – it’s free!  How can you go wrong with that?  It’s very easy to add to your website and you’ll collect all sorts of juicy information that you can use to improve your efforts.  Drill down to see a map of exactly what cities are driving your traffic – that could come in handy for geographically targeting your efforts.  You can see what keywords are driving traffic so you can optimize on what works best and improve or drop what is underperforming.  Take a look at your traffic sources to see what sites are driving traffic to your site and which are performing best.  For instance, one site may refer more traffic than another, but if they hit the site and bounce (only view one page and leave), it is not your best source of traffic.

There are all sorts of goodies to be found in Google Analytics, so check it out – it’s free so what do you have to lose?

Alexa is a great source of research on any website.  It will show you how a site ranks, how many inbound links a site has, what search terms are driving traffic to the site, and more – even take a look at demographics for the site’s traffic such as age, education, gender . . . even whether they have children!  Some of these features are only available for sites of a certain rank.  If your site doesn’t rank well, check out a competitor that does rank well, take a look at their demographic information, and voila – you have demographic information!  Take a look at your competitor’s search terms that drive traffic and see what you can do to improve your own site for the same traffic.  Use your imagination and just go nuts!

We incorporate analytics into every inbound marketing strategy – let us do it for you too!

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