What is a Marketing Mix?

By Sarah Giometti | Marketing

Feb 27

The marketing mix is used in the world of marketing to describe the Four P’s – or, in more recent times, the Seven P’s.  Basically, the “mix” is:  price, promotion, product, place, process, physical evidence, and people.

Seven P’s

I don’t want to go into a description of the seven P’s that make up the marketing mix.  Why?  Because it was introduced in the 50’s – that simple.  The world of the 50’s should be left to the ad men of old – we now live in a world that is drastically different.  It was a great time (one of my favorite decades) and fortunes were made, but that world is gone – forever.

Four C’s

The Four C’s are a more accurate view of the modern marketing mix.  They are:  consumer, cost, communication, and convenience.  This newer term (introduced in the 90’s) to define the marketing mix is directed more towards your customer – and that’s exactly where you should focus your efforts.

Inbound Marketing as Your Marketing Mix

Inbound marketing is based around traffic, leads, sales, and improvement.  Oh great, I’m just throwing another list at you!  Don’t stress out – that’s why we’re here.  If you use inbound marketing strategies in your marketing mix, you will address three of the four C’s – and through the “improvement” portion of the process, you can address the fourth C – cost.

All you really need to know is there are many effective tools in the digital marketing toolbox that we can toss into your marketing mix!

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