Provide Value Through SEO

By Sarah Giometti | Inbound Marketing

Aug 05

Why can’t the search engines find my website without spending all this time on SEO?

They can, but that’s not who we’re looking for.  We want the people who use the search engines to find your website.  That’s an entirely different thing.  If you just keep the same online brochure that you’ve always had, the search engines know where you are.  However, if your site is buried in the search results, the chances of people finding you through the search engines are pretty slim.

Value is the name of the game.  You want to provide the search engines with as much proof of your value as you possibly can.  By doing that, they can pass on that value to just the right people when they search – thus, the search engine has just provided value to their users.

The concept is very simple.  If I own a search engine, I want more people to use mine than any other.  I do that by providing the better value.  The better I can be at determining exactly what people want to see when they search for a particular thing, the better my chances of more people using my search engine instead of another.  The more people use my search engine, the more value I can provide to businesses as a platform to be used for such things as advertising.

So – the better you are at showing your value to the search engines, the better you will rank with the search engines as they try to show value to their users.  The better you rank, the more traffic you get to your website.  The more traffic you get to your website, the more online success you enjoy.  The people conducting searches win, the search engines win, and you win – everybody wins because it’s all about value.

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