What Does NAP Stand For And Does It Help Local SEO?

By Sarah Giometti | Local Marketing

Jan 25
What Does NAP Stand For And Does It Help Local SEO

Did you know the NAP of your business is the foundation for local SEO? If you’ve never come across the acronym before, know that NAP stands for Name, Address, and Phone Number, three elements that are vital to your local discovery.

The NAP of your business must be correct across all channels to help optimize your site and increase your ranking in local searches. Here is how NAP ties into your overall local SEO strategy.

The Link Between NAP and Local SEO

When users are searching for local shops online, they are interested in a business’s NAP. whether they are conscious about it or not. As a result, Google will look online for this information as well, to provide local searchers with the relevant information they need to satisfy their needs.

For instance, if a person searches for a “coffee shop near me,” they need:

  • The business name to check out your coffee shop
  • The address to know where it is, and how to get there
  • The phone number to ask for more information or even make a reservation

An online business is not so dependent on the accuracy of NAP as a local shop. Incorrect or mismatches between NAP information can lead to a lot of confusion for potential customers, and Google will likely decrease your ranking as a result.

How to Improve Your NAP and Boost SEO Efforts

NAP doesn’t seem like such a big deal, being just 3 details about your local business, but in reality, it comprises the most important things that local audiences need to know about your business.

So if you haven’t done it yet, it’s important to conduct a small audit to see if the information about your local business is accurate across all channels you are promoting it, be it your website, social media, online directories, or other platforms.

Then, you can:

  • Review and update your information to ensure it’s the same across all channels
  • Remove all information that is not accurate or misleading
  • Claim your Google My Business listing to boost your rankings in local searches
  • Create new listings for your business with the correct NAP information and keep a record of all of them to change information when needed
  • Create and update your website’s Contact page with your NAP information

Provaro Marketing Can Help You Boost Your Local SEO

Driving local trafficking and increasing your SERP rankings is a lengthy task that many small business owners struggle with. However, you do not have to do it all by yourself. Provaro Marketing specializes in helping local businesses tap into nearby audiences and increasing their online visibility, through creative local SEO strategies designed to boost your profile.

We encourage you to check out our free local SEO analysis tool to see how your efforts are going so far, then to reach out to Provaro Marketing online, or call us at 707-595-7002, for more information!

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