What is Inbound Marketing?

By Sarah Giometti | Inbound Marketing

Jan 30

What is Inbound Marketing?

I’m asked this question more than any other, and the answer is simple. Most people are familiar with Outbound Marketing, though they aren’t familiar with it by that title – they just think of it as Marketing.

Outbound Marketing

Outbound marketing is a little like a child jumping up and down in front of you saying “look at me, look at me, look at me!” It revolves around going out, finding out who your customers are, where they are, getting in front of them, and talking, and talking, and talking until some of them pay attention to you. An over-exaggeration? Perhaps, but the theory is the same – and it’s expensive.

Inbound Marketing

Where outbound marketing is “outbound” in nature – you go out to talk to your customers – inbound marketing is “inbound” in nature – you talk to the customers that come in to talk to you. It employs a whole toolbox full of goodies to ensure your customers find you – because they’re looking. Think of the things you do when you’re looking for a product or service. The first thing you’ll probably do is search for it in Google. What else will you do? Just because you’re looking doesn’t necessarily mean you are ready to buy. Inbound marketing will ensure your customers find you, come to trust you, look to you for advice, and stay in their minds until they’re ready to buy.

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