What Is the Best Marketing Strategy for a Small Business

By Sarah Giometti | Google My Business

Jul 29
What Is the Best Marketing Strategy for a Small Business

Before anything, we want to make one thing clear: there are no silver bullets when it comes to promoting a small business. What works for others may not fit your audience. Don’t go looking for one-size-fits-all solutions and don’t listen to so-called marketing gurus that promise unprecedented growth in three easy steps. Marketing is a complex thing that takes time, consistent work, and a thorough understanding of your business’ unique selling points.

However, there are a few strategies that may be worth your attention. Analyze them carefully and see if they are right for you and your target audience.

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Local search engine optimization is perhaps the best marketing strategy for small businesses as 97% of consumers go online to look for new brands. By optimizing your website and online listings, you increase your chances of appearing in local searches and putting your business in front of potential customers.

Keep in mind that Local SEO today doesn’t only mean creating content that focuses on relevant keywords. You also need to ensure that your business is listed on Google My Business and that the information you provide there is complete and accurate. Your website has to load quickly (three seconds or less,) it must be easy to navigate and browse, and, most importantly, it must be mobile-friendly.

Pay attention to the updates and changes Google is making to its algorithm because only by complying with its rules you stand a chance at ranking high in search engine results?

Content Marketing

Consumers nowadays hate being talked to like they are just walking money machines. They want to engage with brands, have their voice heard, and feel like their problems are understood. That’s where content marketing comes into place.

Content marketing is a great way of building trust with your target audience and establishing a long-term relationship with them. You need to get it right, however. Only sharing promotional content on your blog that focuses on your products and services won’t do much in terms of business growth. You need to determine the needs, challenges, and desires of your audience and create content that helps them solve their problems. You should also inform and educate them, especially if you want to position yourself as a leader in your niche. It won’t happen overnight as content marketing is a strategy that shows results in time.

Facebook Advertising

Every other day, you hear about a new social media channel that threatens to take the internet by storm. But, the truth of the matter is that Facebook remains a powerhouse when it comes to marketing a business. No matter your niche or where your target audience is located, chances are that you can reach them on Facebook. Moreover, the social network has one of the most effective advertising programs and at a fraction of the cost compared to other PPC methods.

We Are Here to Help

As you may have noticed, all these strategies take time to develop, implement, and monitor. And, we know that as a small business owner, you are already spreading yourself thin. We can help. Contact Provaro right now and let us help your business grow.

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