What is the Definition of Marketing?

By Sarah Giometti | Marketing

Feb 06

What is the Definition of Marketing?

Many people confuse “marketing” with “advertising.” I’ve written this article as a guide to help put both of these very different activities into perspective.

Marketing provides valueDefinition of Marketing

The American Marketing Association says “marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.” Basically, marketing is focused on your customer. The key word in this definition is “value.”

Advertising tries to persuadeDefinition of Advertising

Wikipedia says “advertising is a form of communication used to encourage or persuade an audience (viewers, readers, or listeners) to continue or take some new action. Basically, advertising is focused on your business – not your customer. The key word in this definition is “persuade.”

What Does All This Mean?

In advertising, you come up with something you want your customer to do, then you pay to go out and try to persuade them to do it – in other words, Outbound. In marketing, you listen to your customers and give them what they want – in other words, Inbound.

Ask yourself these things: Do you want to talk your customers into doing business with you, or would you rather do all you can to ensure your customers find you when they want you, then satisfy their needs? How do you feel when someone tries to persuade you Customers are not commoditiesdo to something? Would you rather the salesperson come to you trying to talk you into a sale (persuade), or would you rather go to the salesperson when you are ready to make a purchase and have them help and advise you in a sale you’re ready to make (value)?

Treat your customers like people instead of commodities and your business will prosper!  This is the most important part of your Digital Marketing strategy.

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