What Kinds Of Businesses Need Local SEO?

By Sarah Giometti | Google My Business

Aug 19
What Kinds Of Businesses Need Local SEO

Local SEO (search engine optimization)  is a great way to boost your business. With proper local SEO, you can boost your business’ rank above the competition in your area, outrank them on Google Maps, and get more customers to buy your products or services.

But what kinds of businesses need local SEO? That’s a great question – let’s take a look at a few types of businesses that can benefit the most from investing in a smart local SEO strategy.

Boutiques & Retail Stores

All types of retail stores can benefit from better local SEO. Today, more people than ever are trying to buy local. It’s estimated that local business generates up to 70% more local economic activity per square foot compared to “big box” retail. By putting your business front-and-center in search results, customers can quickly find your store and get what they need.

Restaurants, Food Trucks, And Bars

All types of food service companies can benefit massively from local SEO, since many people interested in trying a new restaurant will look for common keywords like “Mexican food near me.”

Being able to optimize your website and your online presence to catch these keywords means more people will see your menu and your business, and are more likely to visit – and become loyal customers in the future!

Service Companies (Utilities, Plumbing, Electricians, Etc.)

Any type of service company – from plumbers to electricians, general contractors, window washers, window tinting companies, and more – can benefit from investing in local SEO.

Most people who need local services will begin their search on Google or a similar search engine, and will select a few top contenders from the top of their search results. By getting your business on the front page of these search engines, you can win more business.

Doctors, Dentists & Other Medical Service Providers

Doctors, dentists, and other medical service providers get a lot of referrals, as well as customers who hear about them due to word of mouth. But that doesn’t mean local SEO isn’t important!

Dentists and doctors tend to have a lot of nearby competition, so proper SEO optimization for Google and other search engines will ensure your business has a fighting chance to reach new customers in your area.

Every Business Needs Local SEO!

We can just end the list here – because if you have a physical business that involves getting local customers, you can benefit from local SEO! Whether you run a roofing company, own a restaurant, work at a beauty boutique, operate a farmer’s market – we could go on and on – you need local SEO!

With local SEO, you can put your business ahead of the competition on search engine results. And, combined with an informed, well-designed PPC (pay per click) online ad campaign using Facebook or Google AdWords, you can turbocharge your business.

But if you’re not sure where to start, Provaro Marketing is here for you. Contact us online or call us now at 707.595.7002 to learn more about the basics of local SEO, find out why it’s so important, and see how you can get started.

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As a top industry expert with more than 20 years of marketing experience, Sarah Giometti founded Provaro Marketing in 2009 after developing her marketing savvy as a marketing and graphic design professional within one of the top mechanical contractors in the U.S. and a large medical group. Sarah has a passion for marketing solutions that drive measurable results specific to local businesses. Sarah has integrated this dedication to growth-focused digital marketing strategies into the business practices at Provaro. As a small business owner herself, Sarah knows how vital growth remains for any small business, which is why she focuses on the best strategies for local business growth.