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28th May, 2014 No Comments

Social Media Branding: Weekly Social Media Update

Branding your social media channels.

Every Wednesday, one of our owners, Sarah Giometti, participates in a Google Hangout with Ryan Perry of Simple Biz Support, where they discuss social media and give you tips and tricks to help improve your strategy. This week’s hangout is about branding all of your social media channels. Enjoy!

About the author

 ( aka:  Sarah )

Sarah founded Provaro Marketing (formerly ICT Marketing) in 2009. With a degree in Business Administration and over 18 years in the work force, including 14 years of experience in marketing and graphic design, Sarah always knew she would own her own company and is a perfect fit as founder and head strategist of Provaro Marketing. While working on her degree as a full-time student, Sarah was also a full-time single mom – all while working full-time building a career. Sarah succeeded in obtaining her degree, she enjoys a great relationship with her daughter, and she succeeded in building her career. “I’ve always known what I wanted and I’ve never let anything stand in my way,” she says. “Life is full of challenges, but I see those challenges as opportunities to find my own way in this world.” Sarah’s drive and talent have earned her plenty of respect in her field. Sarah loves to read trashy romance novels – a habit she picked up while in college, raising her daughter, and working full time. “They gave my mind a way to stop thinking, wind down, and relax for a moment. I still feed that habit for the same reasons.” She coached her daughter’s soccer team for 4 years while they lived in Los Angeles. “Now we find a variety of things to do for some fun mother/daughter time.” Sarah was born and raised in California in a suburb 10 miles north of Los Angeles. In 2007, she and her daughter relocated to a small town in Northern California’s beautiful Wine Country. “It was a culture shock to move from a population of 3 million people to only 7,800 but I love it! I love the rolling hills of vineyards almost everywhere I look and the fog that often eases in from the ocean to cool things down.” When not at work you can find Sarah and her friends taking advantage of the Wine Country by way of weekend wine-tasting outings. You may also find Sarah and her husband hiking along the coastline. “We do that as often as we can. There’s nothing quite like the California coastline!”

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